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The Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC) is comprised of industry allies engaged in the sector of construction, mechanical, automobiles and engineering. IAC member companies meet regularly to provide valuable input on technology to the MAW Skills Academy; identify industry trends that will position the academy to meet the future challenges; to and keep the academy apprised of the demand for workers in specific training programmes. The academy needs jobs for its trainees and industry needs skilled employees. Therefore, the partnership between the academy and industries in the form of the IAC, helps to minimize advertising vacancy, interviewing and training costs to industry and increases employment opportunities for local youth. The IAC provides strong support to academy in accomplishing its goals of training and placing qualified workers in jobs.


The primary function of the Industrial Advisory Committee is to advise and inform management on:

         -Industry trends and changes (field of study and skill demand)

         -Workforce matters and developmental needs;

         -Quality feedback on training and delivery methods;

         -Industry training and professional development needs.


Gopal Kumar Agrawal



Raju Bhetuwal Chhetri - Member

CEO - Yamaha


Vishal Gadia - Member

Executive Director - MAW Engineering


Raunak Agarwal - Member

Executive Director - Skoda