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Motorcycle Mechanic

Motorcycle Mechanic is a three months (390 hours) course developed with a purpose of preparing "Motorcycle Mechanic" as a lower level technical workforce able to get employment in the country. The technical skills incorporated in this curriculum come from the field of motorcycle mechanics. Its contents are organized in the form of modules. So it is a tailor made curriculum with a special purpose to be implemented in a modular form.

It is a competency based curriculum. It is also designed to produce lower level technical workforce in the field of motorcycle mechanics equipped with skills and knowledge related to motorcycle mechanics in order to meet the demand of such workforce in the country so as to
contribute in the national streamline of poverty reduction in Nepal.

This curriculum provides skills and knowledge necessary for "Motorcycle Mechanic" as a technical worker. There will be both demonstration by trainers/instructors and opportunity by trainees to carry out the skills/tasks necessary for this level of technical workforce.

Trainees will practice and learn skills by using typical tools, materials and equipment necessary for this curricular program. 


The main aim of this curricular program is to produce skilled workforce in the field of motorcycle mechanics by providing training to the potential citizen of the country and link them to employment opportunities in the country and abroad. The aims of this curriculum are:

  • To produce lower level technical workforce in the area of motorcycle mechanics
  • To produce such technical workforce who will be able to serve the community and household people through the application of the techniques of motorcycle mechanics being an entrepreneur.


After the completion or this training program, the trainees will be able:

  • To perform servicing of motorbike
  • To repair/maintain electrical system of motorbike
  • To repair/maintain engine and transmission systems of motorbike
  • To drive motorbike professionally


390 Hours