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Apr 2021

Community Mobilization Program (CMP) – a way forward to reaching the right people

As CMP has been proven as one of the effective means to disseminate information, MAW Skills Academy has adopted it as a part of its regular marketing tools.

Last month, the MSA team headed out in two teams to Janakpur and Nepalgunj to conduct its first Community Mobilization Event (CME). In Janakpur, the CME were organized in two locations: Suryodaya Adharmul Bidhyalaya, Barahithawa-6, Sarlahi and Madarsa, Basantpur, Sarlahi.

The turnout was as expected in Barahithawa, with a room full of 39 youths, including 7 females. The event was collaboratively conducted with Bal Bikas Nepal with the support of the school administration. The participants were informed about the training and the benefits it entailed. The information was imparted in the local language – Maithali as well to cater to the audience’s needs. Likewise, in Madarsa, the CME was conducted in the local language. The attendees especially youths sat post the event to discuss the training benefits.

Similarly, a CME was conducted in Nepalgunj with the support partner Citizen Prabihdik Shikshalaya. The event was held at Basgadhi, Bardiya in coordination with Basgadhi youth forum. The forum also showed interest in developing a proposal with MSA and submitting it to the Municipality for trainee enrollment in HEO training.