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Mar 2021

Kamala Buda becomes the first female trainee to be employed in OTC, Nepalgunj

At the tender age of 20, Kamala was the first female trainee to attend the heavy equipment operator and mechanics training in MAW Skills Academy's local partner Citizen Prabhidik Shikshalaya's OTC in Nepalgunj. 

Upon hearing a radio jingle, one leisure day, she decided to join the training and become skilled. Fortunately, her decision was approved by her parents and within a few days, she was traveling to Nepalgunj all on her own. There she met her trainee fellows and instructors who were all male, but this too did not deter her will. With the support from the instructor, she was able to not just graduate from the training, but also, set her footing into becoming an assistant instructor in the center itself. 

Kamala is a quintessential synonym to the phrase - shattering the glass ceiling. She has proven that heavy machine operator and mechanics training is not just a man's world, but is a medium for all to get skilled and employed and earn a decent living at home ground or abroad.